• Retail Services

    Acosta provides flexible in-store solutions for its clients. A majority of the Company’s clients use its syndicated retail model which leverages one sales force across multiple brands at a given retailer. Acosta’s syndicated team is dedicated by retailer (not company), and utilizes resources in any given retail location across all brands the Company represents. Syndicated coverage allows Acosta to maximize the efficiency of in-store hours by servicing multiple CPG brands and decreases drive time between retail locations.

    Acosta’s 17,000 retail associates are in stores every day, allowing the Company to deliver faster speed-to-shelf for new items, correct out-of-stocks and voids more quickly, and gain greater distribution of existing products.

    Acosta also provides keen insight into retail store activities through advanced technology, like its iQubed data warehouse which enables instant visibility into retail conditions to uncover the greatest opportunities for success. The Company also has platforms designed to optimize store reporting, project management and client audits such as its proprietary North American Retail System (NARS).

    Acosta’s retail services include:

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