• Our Channels: Providing Customized Solutions

    At Acosta, we understand that consumers shop at different stores for different reasons. That’s why a shelving strategy designed for a grocery store most likely won’t work in a convenience store or a mass merchandiser or a commissary. Furthermore, channels such as foodservice have an increasing number of variables and require a specific approach for manufacturers, distributors and operators. Knowing all of this helps us understand the unique dynamic across each and every channel.

    Using our broad retail knowledge as a base, Acosta customizes our sales and marketing services for each of the channels in which we specialize. With coverage spanning multiple channels, we work hard to tailor our strategies and tactics to perfectly fit each environment. And while our expertise provides pinpoint accuracy, our extensive reach translates into unmatched access across the entire retail spectrum — a crucial benefit at a time when multichannel shopping is more common than ever.

    We’re proud not only to have been the first agency to expand into a national platform, but also to be the first to expand into a number of channels, including natural/specialty  military and foodservice

    Our key channels include:

    Our services for each channel include:

    Headquarter Sales
    Acosta’s strong customer alignment at headquarters allows us to develop strategic selling objectives based on robust insights and key relationships.  

    Integrated Marketing Solutions
    From retail events and community experiences to assisted selling and online social media extensions, Mosaic provides integrated marketing solutions that engage shoppers along the entire path to purchase.

    Retail Services
    Our retail teams employ a winning combination of executional excellence, high-impact technology and top-notch training to deliver superior results for clients and customers.

    Business Process Solutions
    By implementing an end-to-end approach for order-to-cash business process outsourcing, we enable smooth, timely operations that are closely aligned with a company’s overall business objectives.


    Acosta worked with the Simply Orange Juice family of products to gain Simply’s fair share of shelf space at top retailers.