• Strategic Consulting

    Backed by more than 250 years of combined consumer packaged goods experience encompassing strategy consulting, brand management, sales, market research, advanced analytics, and category management, Strategic Advisors consultants provide shopper research, advanced analytics and advisory services to  brands and retailers in four areas:

    Market Optimization Strategies To maximize the potential of your current business, we identify opportunities to develop category leadership platforms and retail strategies for assortment and shelf optimization, promotion and price optimization, and shopper engagement.

    Growth Strategies — In order to see the full potential of your company’s growth, we find pockets of advancement — from merger and acquisition evaluations and channel expansion to secondary locations, aisle reinvention, product launches and customer segmentation.

    Targeted Services — The same in-house resources that drive critical insights for Acosta’s consulting work are also available to perform à la carte services for clients. From managing shopper research, advanced analytics modeling, conducting a controlled store test, or evaluating marketing events, we can handle all your strategic support needs.

    Outsourcing Services — Our full-time equivelant retainer model is a cost-effective and flexible way for resource-constrained clients to access all Strategic Advisors’ insights and analysis resources. Dedicated resources can be located on-site or remotely at Acosta offices.