• Business Process Solutions

    When it comes to business process solutions, we understand that attention to detail can mean the difference between acceptable and exceptional. That’s why we offer our clients advanced features such as automated orders that transmit on receipt, as well as the ability to audit online remotely. We’ve designed our state-of-the-art proprietary software to streamline our practices, allowing us to process orders and claims with greater accuracy and speed. By implementing an end-to-end approach, we act as a single point of contact providing strategic leadership, which leads to smooth, timely operations that are closely aligned with a company’s overall business objectives. Plus, we apply a “best-shore” delivery method that allows us to customize on-shoring and off-shoring for each client to achieve the desired quality. The bottom line? Our systems empower us, so we can empower our clients.

    Acosta’s business process solutions services include:

    Claims resolution services
    Order management solutions
    Data management solutions
    Order-to-cash solutions